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What’s Up!! Just got home on Monday from the Hopsin & SwizZz Australian Tour, sooo Tired, caught some extreme cold off somebody or something before my show in Brisbane which made it ten times more hard to perform, paying for it now, ahhhh so much pain, but was a really fun tour, got lots of bootlegs and photos and also Strongman Pictures (who done Meet The Monstors) filmed a Multi-Angle Live Video from the Melbourne Show at the Corner Hotel !! so we’ll be mixing that together asap. I’m also going to be dropping a USA prime time episode of The Drain this weekend, will post up more about it tomorrow, otherwise, scroll down below as I posted about it earlier on. Much Love to Bryan Chitty and Funk Volume for letting me help out on tour, Much Love to Monster Energy for providing me with the power to unleash the beast!!! and Much Love to all my fans who came down to show their support, see you all when i see you all next! Keep Up!

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