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KidCrusher Talks Shit

Pre Order the debut album “The Nothing” from Rectal Birth This Monday the 27th of February at Victim Gear All Orders will be shipped out early prior to the release date on March the 17th. It will also appear on iTunes in the next two weeks for Digital Downloads. The Album was fully produced by KidCrusher. Its a step outside Horrorcore and a glimpse inside “CyberGrind” which is a side project mix of Hardcore Industrial Gabber with Grindcore Death Metal.

KidCrusher quoted “ I wanted to escape from my main priorities for a while and experiment into some of my favorite genres of music, I’ve always been a fan of Extreme Music and I wanted to have fun with a project that had no bounderies or responsibilities, Everything was composed by my extremely intoxicated mind on several occasions over the last few months, It was something I wanted to do for the hell of having fun, but I ended up wrapping it up in plastic and serving it to the public as I beleive this product deserves it.

What Is The Nothing? ” The theme of the album was inspired by the original Neverending Story Movie STORM and how I have been feeling over the last few months…. Like Shit… the name Rectal Birth was a decade old name I have been using since High School when I had my first Metal Band, I carried the name because I beleive it is marketable. Now, I think is the time to give Rectal Birth it’s Flush into the Underground ” Said KidCrusher.

Satanic Ritual? ” Not at all, The Rectal Birth Ritual which I have been circulating on facebook is a pre-drinks piss up so you could share the experiance I had making the music, Its not a requirement,but it’s what I done every day I hit the studio for composing the music for this album, One whole bottle of Jim Beam was consumed during the making of each song. I beleive the music could only be made with a lot of energy and emotion, not just me, on an average day making music or waiting for a emotional moment, I poored out my emotions with bourbon, at this point of impact it made the music my punching bag for all the stress I’ve had lately, and it was a positive way of doing it for me, An escape from the real world, my own type of matrix” Said KidCrusher.

If you can step outside of the original sound you are used to from KidCrusher and enter 220bpm or more per track and get extremely drunk and brtual, this is your product, Rectal Birth – The Nothing – March 17 2012. A CD Release Party is also booked in Adelaide South Australia @ The Enigma Bar (Bar 3) on the release date. See Rectal Birth LIVE!!

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