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Halloween In Sydney

I know this is really early notice but I figured you could put me in your calender before you get your other 100 Halloween party invitations in a couple months and consider me first :) hehe. After the sucsess from the previous show we had in Sydney, Tattersalls Hotel in Penrith have invited us back to celebrate Halloween live on stage!!! It will also be my birthday weekend so come down and party with me and ...

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Upcoming RADIO Interviews

UPCOMING #RADIO INTERVIEWS: SAT/24/MAY - 3:45PM AEST - #SYDNEY - SWRFM 99.9 FM or stream at With Sofia & & Johnny on The Musos Show - SWR FM 99.9 FRI/6/JUNE - 11:59PM AEST - #MELBOURNE 3WBC 94.1 or stream at With The Captain & The Irishman on Hellyeah Radio - Metal at Midnight! will be in the studio for the melbourne show, so hopefu ...

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Live In Sydney – May 29

KidCrusher, a Horrorcore Juggalo rapper from Adelaide, South Australia will be appearing in Sydney at Tattersalls Hotel in Penrith for a night of painted faces, dancing zombie girls and bloody murder music. Tattersalls will also be serving the Juggalo's favourite drink of choice FAYGO on tap for this special event, which is imported from the United States and very hard for Australian fans to come by. What m ...

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Metal Murder 3D – Fan Reviews

So I've been reaching out to fans to submit their thoughts/reviews on the album, as I've been craving to know what YOU thought about the album. There's been a few detailed reports that I thought were so great, I wanted to highlight them here on my website so I could hold onto them forever. This maybe a big article so I doubt you'll get through it all haha. If you want to submit your own review, please do, j ...

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MM3D Release Party – Live On The Drain!

8pm EST (New York Time) Monday March 31st, 2014 - we will be hosting a live video show of The Drain on Livestream, which will be hosted by KidCrusher, BubZombie & Korax. On this video show we will be screening the 2nd music video from Metal Murder 3D, we will also be having a live interaction Q&A with fans and also running Question Game Contests to WIN FREE SHIT, Including the Metal Murder 3D Bundle ...

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Help Bring KidCrusher to USA !

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE FUNDRAISER! For full details on this project and goal please checkout the following video with all the information. We encourage everyone to pick up a copy of KidCrusher's newest release "Metal Murder 3D" as a means of supporting his return to the US. This gofundme is meant to be a convenience additional avenue for donations. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE FUNDRAISER! ...

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Stubby Holders Now Available!

Beer Drinker? Gimme a HELL YEAH!!! For a Limited Time, we are selling KidCrusher stubby holders through our shirts department. SHIPPING WORLD WIDE and for only SIX BUX!!! Click Here for Stubby Holders! ...

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More Cinema Screenings for MM3D!

The short film which is featured on the Metal Murder 3D DVD "Alice In Zombieland" has been screening in cinemas around Australia during the touring film festival Trasharama. It has already been seen in Melbourne and Adelaide cinemas, now its on its way to Geelong, Tasmania and Perth. Alice is a short 15 minute music video movie produced by Strongman Pictures for the Metal Murder 3D DVD which will be release ...

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