Death Death Documentary

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XBA Xtreme Backyard Assault was founded in 1999 by Malakian after ignoring the catch phrase “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” it all started in the smallest backyards with the smallest ideas. With just the urge to have fun and imitate what was on television became a unique style of more BRAWLING and ASSAULT other than your typical PRO WRESTLING the XBA focused more on WEAPONS and HARDCORE matches. With the lack of Professional Training, what else can they really do? So XBA classed them self under Hardcore Brawlers with small links to Professional Wrestling, with the matches being scripted and nobody is seriously getting bashed to death. It’s all a show, a pure hardcore blood bath of a show. It wasn’t until 2003 when XBA turned into Thumb-tacks and Fluorescent Light Tube Stipulations laced with bucket loads of alcohol and vomit, from there, the party got taken to a whole other level of XTREME.

Imagine WWE meets JACKASS, or CZW inbed with bogans of BUMFIGHTS.

Kid’s, Please, Don’t Try This At Home, Try It At Our House!