KidCrusher is a musician from Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 2005, released over 13 studio albums independently. In 2008 he was featured on a compilation album called “TUNNEL RUNNERS” which was released by Psychopathic Records in the United States. He was then booked to perform at the 2008 Gathering of the Juggalos event in America. Upon arrival from Australia, he was denied entry for a previous criminal conviction held in Australia – and banned for 5 years. The conviction was a minor offense which he was not jailed for – only fined for. The border security labeled this as a major offense and kept the ban in place.

In 2013, the ban was over. However, due to the previous deportation and ban, the United States require KidCrusher to obtain a working visa / waiver and a lawyer for the paperwork. 2015, KidCrusher raised $5000 from our first wave fundraiser to apply for a working visa and headline a USA tour. Without the help from a promoter, we failed to book enough dates. 2017, with the help from a promoter, we were able to secure enough dates for a tour, But the border security now required another $3000 to obtain a waiver for the previous ban + $2000 travel costs – 2018, KidCrusher released a new album to help with the remainder of funds. Due to the new streaming platforms low payout system, the new album return hasn’t yet been successful.

$5000 left out of our $10,000 goal.


Our main mission is not donations, we are asking fans to help with the remainder of our funds by purchasing discounted merchandise from us. We understand the future of music is all streaming, but in order for us to pursue a massive mission like this (lawyers/flights/visas) we need your help now more than ever. We have created several products for this page alone to help with the fundraiser, anything you can do will help this mission come true. We are over half way through this obstacle and it’s been well overdue. Let’s bring KidCrusher to America!








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